1) How to get started
If you have already registered and logged in, you can do the following steps:

You can add your pages/accounts/music videos/websites clicking on the green button '' Add Site/Page''. You have to choose a network type, input title (if necessary), then add the URL or username/ID and set CPC * (Cost (points) Per Click for your Site/Page - min=2 and max=10) and then click the save changes button. After this, the link you have added will appear in ''My sites'' section. If you want to pause campaign for one of your site/page - click on the pause button(CPC=0 automatically). If you want to start it again, you can click on the start button (CPC=5 automatically) and then change your CPC. You can delete the link that you have added whenever you want taking into consideration that the link that you have removed can't be added any more by another user but you. You can add unlimited amount of links for any type of network.
2) How do I get Points ?
You can get free points by liking/following/viewing/subscribing/listening the others pages/accounts/videos/profiles/music.
You can receive daily bonus points (100).
You can choose our affiliate program’s to earn more free points. You can share your referral link where you want, you can also use "Share on Twitter" and "Share on Facebook" buttons to do it quickly on Facebook and Twitter. If new user(s) (coming from your referral link) registers on our network and becomes active user(s) you earn 200 points for each. Anytime you can check your referral status here.
You can buy points via Paypal or Payza
3) Is my information safe ? Do you sell services ?
Fan Back USA doesn't sell likes/subscriptions/followers/views/hits
We will never request for usernames or passwords of your social network accounts and will never post, tweet or update status from your accounts.
The information of your account will never be reachable for the third party unless you are agree. Only In the case of selling any or all of our business to a third party your information may be shared.
4) Any Tips ?
* The higher your Site's/Page's CPC, the more chance you have for it to be visible. You can add unlimited sites/pages, Add web page, or facebook, google plus, etc. pages. Increase your site/page media activity. Get more and more fans, followers and likes. All categories of site/page are allowed (cars, food, music, fanclub, artist, film) except adult content. All sites with adult title, link or content will be disabled.
5) When can I withdraw my earnings ?
1.User must be maintain activity for 30 days and have reached 2000 clicks or more to withdraw earnings.

2.Withdrawal orders can be placed after you account has reached $5.00

3;You are only allowed one account per ip. In cases where this rule is violated your withdrawal privileges could be temporarily or permanently revoked.

4.If your funds ever become frozen because of a serious infraction, you must continue to use the site or your account could be marked as inactive and funds could be potentially lost in deletion of your account. Funds can be released under admin discretion if the user remains active and follow the terms of use.
6) How do I add money to my account to buy points ?
1.You must first add money to your account by clicking the add funds tab under banner ads.

2.Next to buy points you will take the balance you just placed in your account and click the buy coins tab under your user name in the middle of the screen.

3.Find a package you'd like to order and click the buy now button.

4.After you've purchased your points, they will appear in your account immediately and you will be able to enjoy all the promotion you'd like without nearly as much work.
7) Are there any openings to be a sponsor of this website ?
Currently Seeking Elite Sponsors to support this Website.
There is only a limited amount of spots available so act quickly!
 Please use the contact form in the footer of the page. After Evaluating your website if our staff feels your sponsor is unsuitable or would not be conjointly advantageous to either of us, We will contact you directly with with our reply.